• What drives you?
  • bloodstain
  • peace message
  • broken padlock

What drives you?

Reclaimed metal tubing, steel wire, paint, paper

What drives you? is an installation made out of cut up pieces of metal from a vandalised gate, the result of a criminal act intended to frighten, intimidate and provoke. Within Every piece of tubing contains a message of peace designed to neutralise this negative karma. What Drives you?asks what the motivation is for actions, individually and collectively and whether violence is justified as a means for achieving justice, fairness, and peace….

I have not approached the theme of violence in my work and I admit that this work is a way of dealing with a negative personal event, and moulding it into my creativity. Violence was something I learnt to hate from my strict English schooling, where it was used to enforce discipline. Nowadays this is considered politically incorrect, and the result is a swing in the opposite direction, where discipline is generally a lost ethic.