Tears of Neptune

6 Frescoes 102x66cm each, encrusted painted gesso handcasts, gold, silver and copper wire, beeswax, plastic.

‘Tears of Neptune’  is a project which calls to attention the demise of rivers in Italy. Following Italian art tradition, I decided to create a series of frescoes by collecting and using sand from Italy’s longest river, the Po. The works would therefore actually be made of that river. On the surface of the fresco I have incorporated other materials like beeswax, melted plastic, and metal wire which serve as a counterpoint between the river as purifier and it’s state of pollution. 

The frescos themselves are quite abstract, and the narratives open to interpretation. With a second nod to Italian art tradition, the encrusted gesso hands create mannerist narratives with their gestures, possibly indicating where lies the responsibility for the appalling state of not just Italian but rivers worldwide .