• Destruction
  • Indestruction


2 works made from 6 B/W polaroid prints, black stained oak frame with museum glass 91 x 25cm

This project addresses modern society’s transient appropriation and misappropriation of land use. Here is a collection of black & white polaroids taken of nuclear silos and missile launch pads which were constructed all over Europe during the cold war. The remnants of reinforced concrete debris are the stark reminder of protective measures taken in times or fear and mistrust, now appearing as though they had indeed been attacked by the enemy. The nucleus of the project are the views of an astronomical observatory that has been built over the old nuclear missile launch platform, representing a complete U turn in activity on the same land. Land itself holds a memory of its own, and that history permeates into the very essence of the aura encompassing the land, revealing itself to those who have the intuition to perceive it. Purification and healing of land is something more familiar to us today as we return to consider and value the environment and our ravage of it over the course of time.