Standing on the edge of the volcano during the filming of ‘Iddu’                                                                                                                                                                                                         Photo: Darren Filkins

I am first an artist, and second an activist. As I grow older, and the world becomes more problematic, I recognise the need to fuse these two activities. But what is the artists role in today’s world? Since the ‘90’s contemporary art has become the new rock n’ roll, but differing from music art communicates on a plethora of levels, some literal, others abstract, others non-sensical. It can confront any issue, and posit any opinion from within those fortified white gallery walls. Art can break taboos. Artists therefore, have a wonderful opportunity to present situations truthfully and offer solutions sincerely, free from stigma. Maybe a way to shake the status quo? More a way to make a better world.

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