• Adam
  • Eve
  • Voyage of a deceased visionary

Voyage of a deceased visionary

Analogue photographic works printed on C-Type or giclée 158cm x 121cm

Stromboli was my creative inspiration for almost 5 years, and these three photographic works were realised there in 2004/5. ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ reference the primordial landscape and unique conjugation of elements that are so concentrated on the island. They are set on a background reminiscent of Blake and Caspar David Friedrich, an equal and complimentary balance between male and female.

The third photograph combines a fragment of a skull that I found in Southern Tibet next to a stupa. I brought it to Stromboli and photographer within the primordial landscape. The fragment had come from a ‘sky burial’ and what was fascinating was it contains a ‘wormian’ bone, which is only ever found in one in a million people. This ‘wormian’ bone only develops when the sutures of an new-born infant’s skull do not fuse together. Sky burial’s are outlawed in Tibet, and so I imagined that this person, with the ‘wormian’ skull to be someone of mystical significance, hence the title ‘Voyage of a deceased visionary’.